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Why Sunscreen is Beneficial Year Round

Whether a person is packing for an exciting tropical vacation in the summer or heading to a regular day at work in February, wearing sunscreen year round is important for protecting skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Here are the a few of the top reasons people should wear sunscreen with SPF in it year round.

Sunscreen Helps Prevent Wrinkles Against UV Rays

Using sunscreen daily has many benefits, including the ability to prevent wrinkles. In order to get maximum results, people should apply an SPF of at least 15% or higher to the face, neck and body. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are responsible for up to 90% of wrinkle, signs of aging, skin discoloration, sagging, and rough patches. No matter the skin type or color, it is very beneficial that everyone applies sunscreen year round.

SPF Helps Keep Skin Looking Youthful

One of the leading causes of premature aging of the face is exposure to the sun. Wearing sunscreen can help slow down the progress of leathery skin and wrinkles. Not only does sunscreen prevent wrinkles, but it can help even out skin tones by preventing skin discoloration and brown spots too. Sunscreen that is applied daily saves the skin from years of damage later on in life.

Sunscreen Decreases Risk of Cancer From the Sun

One of the deadliest skin cancers is Melanoma, many people that get this kind of skin cancer is because of overexposure to UV radiation from the sun. There are ways to decrease the risk of skin cancer, many people think they do not need sunscreen in the winter months or on cloudy days but they are completely wrong. No matter what the weather is outside, it is smart to put sunscreen on to prevent skin cancer.

SPF is Ultimate Protection Against Sunburns

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can cause damage to skin cells, similar to the peeling, swelling and reddening of a sunburn. Severe sunburns can cause blistering and this type of burn can cause permanent damage and increase the risk of cancer. The best way to protect the skin is to apply sunscreen daily.

Up to 80 Percent of UV rays pass through clouds and reflect off, so wearing protection even on cloudy days in winter days is important. The top way people can protect their skin from harm is to start a daily morning routine that includes the best SPF sunscreen they can get.

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